The globalization of camaraderie is here

Welcome to the globalization of camaraderie. Maybe I’m saying this as a first-gen Jamaican-American, or as a resident of the most diverse county in the US, but my prediction for the next year feels a little more far-reaching than most. After a year that’s forced all of us to stay indoors and reckon with a society that truly needs healing, I think there’s a new opportunity for independent contractors facing extreme cabin fever: the globalization of camaraderie.

I started seeing this in the midst of launching 600 & Rising, it wasn’t just a national response to the needs for more diverse workspaces. At the very least, friends from north of the border reached out wishing to collaborate. Eventually, I’ve heard from France, the UK, the Netherlands — peers from across the Black diaspora wanted to support. In helping launch the Allyship & Action Summits, part of the new guard of virtual leadership events, the two founders had helped plan and produce our second event from out in Germany. We still haven’t met yet.

It’s easy to think about how tech can improve, or how physical workspaces will adapt, but I’ve always felt that people have been at the center of everything we do in this business. I expect that independent contractors and solopreneurs, if they haven’t already, will take full advantage of what lies abroad and forge a new, lasting chapter in creative services like marketing and design. Not just for better work, but for a better sense of community.

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Bennett D. Bennett

Principal, Aerialist
Co-Founder, 600 & Rising