Creative independents will be armed with the best work of their lives

Back and better than ever. A positive thing I’ve seen happening firsthand during quarantine is that people are taking more chances and trying new things. They seem less afraid of creative hiccups or detours. It feels, to me, like people have decided that with so many unknowns floating around in the day-to-day, it’s a moment to be inventive and experimental and to just let it go and see what happens. 

It’s not that there’s nothing to lose — not at all — but it does feel like we’ve already lost so much, and that sobering reality lessens the fear of creative failure. (We all have a new perspective, one that none of us could have imagined possible less than a year ago.) I wear a few different hats in my life. 

I run The Creative Independent, which I co-founded a few years ago, and I also manage musicians. In the management role, I’ve seen the artists I work with being especially ambitious and productive during lockdown. It’s inspiring. Many of them are doing the best work of their lives, because they’ve had more time to focus and look inward, deeply. I imagine that’s happening in other realms, too, and so for 2021, I’m excited to see people coming out of quarantine, with all these things they’ve been working on and sharing them with the rest of us. 

I truly do believe that this is what’s on the horizon for us: People who’ve been away, will be back, and they’ll be armed with the best work of their lives. All of our lives have been changed by COVID-19, and so much has been depressing and sad, but we truly don’t need to think of it in an entirely negative way. What if we all emerge, after this, and are, each in our own small ways, somehow better for it? That’s my hope.

Brandon Stosuy

Co-Founder, The Creative Independent from Kickstarter