Time to put more power back into the actual creatives

We’ve really seen the importance and growth of remote collaboration and the increased emphasis on individuals to learn different facets of technology in order to propel their vision forward. Basically, if you’re afraid of technology the future will be a very difficult place for you to thrive.

I’m in the music industry, so I’ve been seeing increased remote songwriting and vocal tracking — something that I think the industry needed a very long time ago. This can help prevent gatekeeping and empower musicians who don’t have access to producers to run sessions on their own.

In a live performance sense, I think the actual live vocals are dying if not already dead. It’s becoming extremely difficult to discern if vocals are processed but actually live, completely lip-synced, or completely live. And with how high production value has gotten in the 3-D and video manipulation space, it’s also really difficult to really tell what performers are actually doing live. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as these performances tend to be extremely engaging, visually compelling, and commonly way more shareable.

I think live vocals will always exist and people will always appreciate the raw emotion and technical accuracy that it takes to perform live, but I also think that other forms of entertainment are rising that place more emphasis on visuals. COVID-19 showed us that when artists have full control over how their life performance is perceived, we end up getting very entertaining and interesting results.

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Bronze Avery

Recording Artist