Authentic digital community will be the antidote to virtual burnout

Where there is community, there is hope.

During the darkest days of the pandemic, I found strength in Black Joy! In our collective rest, resistance in our art, resistance in our health. Even around the world, as thin as we are stretched — as far as we are spread… we still look for hope in each other.

Digital community (when it’s authentic) allows us to connect and feel less alone in the world. But designing the future of community is tricky when the virtual burnout is real. So what do we actually need? As a community designer, I know that above all, humans seek connection. We want to be seen — we want to be known. Maybe not by everybody, but certainly by someone. Over this past year, our world has learned how to be still, how to listen. Designing Community is all about how you listen, and what you do with what you’ve heard and learned. This next year will reflect how well we did that. How well have we truly heard each other? How intently have we tapped into voices other than our own? My hopeful predictions for 2021? Empathy, Creativity, + Community.

Danielle Elise

Chief Community Officer, All Black Creatives