Independent creatives will be the force behind meaningful change

One of the things to watch, especially given what we all experienced because of the pandemic, is how businesses react to remote work after it has been proven that it can work at scale.

Many independent creatives have worked effectively this way, which has contributed to expanding the number of opportunities clients can fulfill based on their creative service needs. It will be key for older companies to figure out how best to integrate new ways of doing things for their own survival.

Speaking of survival, another product that came from the accelerator known as COVID-19 is a larger realization for brands that what they do for society does matter. Since brands need to communicate consistently, it would behoove them to work with those on the fringes of meaningful change. This type of agility is another advantage for independent creatives primarily due to their need to know and understand what’s new.

Gary J. Nix

Founder and Chief Strategist, The Brandarchist