2021 Will be the year of the freelancer

Freelancers are the future and quite honestly are already the present for the creative industry.

Before COVID-19 came in like a wrecking ball, we were already starting to see an influx of creatives leaving their posts at agencies and in-house. Now more than ever, in a time when working in-person is no longer a necessity, freelancers are being sought out. Hiring managers and recruiters have so much more ease of access to a global creative talent pool for not only larger and longer term projects, but for one-off jobs that may require a highly specialized skill set.

As larger companies continue to shut down their office spaces indefinitely, their employees are starting to adapt to a similar freelance working culture. And while remote work is not the same as freelance work, the world is finally catching up to a certain way of work and life that many freelancers have been a part of for years. Just as the world adjusted to Zoom meetings and video calls, companies are now warming up to the idea that full-time-in-office-on-staff employees can hinder the efficacy of a project as well, depending on the subject.

For those who are not familiar with Parkinson’s Law, it’s the idea that if you have three months (or whatever time period) to do something, you’ll do it in three months. If you have three weeks, you’ll do it in three weeks. This is hyper-applied to freelancers because our job market is created in a way where we’re either hired per task, per project, or per period of time. 

We all had expectations for 2020, we all wanted it to be something that it probably never turned into, but that’s okay. At minimum, freelancing has started to become more of the norm. Let’s deem 2021 the year of the freelancer.

Jess Goldsmith

Founder, Women of Type

@chickofalltrade | @womenoftype