The office is no longer seen as necessary for creative work

It’s going to take a little while to dig out of the crater that the COVID-19 has left on the industry. But we’ll see some trends that have been slowly lurching forward the last few years speed up. For example, we’ve proven that we can create — journalism, advertising, entertainment — remotely. We don’t need to be in an office. So we’ll see more companies follow the tech titans’ lead and let people work from home.

But I also think we’ll start to see more independent creators use the platforms — like newsletters or social media — to grow their audiences while making new things. Of course, it’ll be a long road for many, as it’s tough enough to break through in “normal times.” But we’ll see more journalists go independent, and perhaps even more marketing, advertising, and communications professionals.  

Finally, we’ll see an industry that has ignored (at best) or buried (at worst) accusations of inequality work fast and hard to right those wrongs. Some will take longer to reverse their thinking, but 2021 will be a year that marginalized voices will get stronger. And heard.

Josh Sternberg

Editor, The Media Nut