2021 Will bring a groundswell of new creatives

Creatives have always been inextricably linked to innovation by way of imagination.

When society is struggling to find its common narrative; when people are suffering from lack of connection; and, when the future is uncertain — creativity is the common language of healing and cultural storytelling. The creative independent will have as strong a role tomorrow, as they have had in years past. The future is starving for content that it needed yesterday. I predict that 2021 will bring a groundswell of new creative independents freshly transitioning from full-time work as they decide it may be worth the risk to go it on their own.

I anticipate there being a continued surge in interest from brands and media interested in casting and/or hiring creatives of color, women, and people that identify as LGBTQIA. Not everything is rosy though, with more and more entrants in the market we may see more pressure on rates for independent creatives. Startups looking to simplify the creative process for brands by “templatizing” creative solutions, and companies looking to use AI as a stand-in for human touch will continue to put pressure on the future of creative independence. Gig employment continues to be a wildcard with regards to its impact on freelance creative businesses off-network (marketplaces), so it’s worth keeping an eye on in 2021. Ultimately, as we move past COVID-19, there is a bright future ahead as the economy recovers from a year-long pandemic.

Justin Bridges

Founder, Freelance Kills