4 phases of a livestream event production scope of work

Calling all event producers! If you’re looking to take your skills to the virtual stage, check out our livestream event production scope of work template so you know what to charge for your next project.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re highlighting our Livestream Event Production scope of work template!

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Here’s our breakdown of a Livestream Event Production scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

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Livestream Event Production scope of work total: $18,800

Phase 1: Content Preparation for $2,400

For the first phase of the livestream event production scope of work, three roles will team up: a creative director, producer, and a social media manager.

The creative director will kick off the project by leading three pre-interview meetings with talent for a total of $600. The interview prep includes previewing questions, lighting needs, wardrobe, and other production elements. Next, the CD will develop two thematic outlines ($600) for the videos based on research and guidance from the client. 

The producer will download, collect, and prepare all raw media for editing during this phase, for a total of $300. 

Finally, the social media manager will draft and send outreach communications to potential content partners who can help share their story with a wider audience. They’ll reach out to up to three content partners for $900.

Phase 2: Production – Virtual Event for $4,900

The next phase of the livestream event production scope of work calls for the expertise of the producer, along with a new teammate: a digital designer. 

While the producer defines the on-air personalities for the virtual event ($2,000), the digital designer will develop a 3D virtual broadcasting environment. Using specialized software and blueprints, the 3D environment is used as immersive sets for the virtual show. This development also includes maintenance and management of the 3D environment, and is priced at $2,000. 

The producer will wrap up this phase by mixing audio for short online videos, including interview footage, soundbites, and background music for $900.

Phase 3: Post Production – Livestream Event for $4,600

For the third phase, the producer will be in charge of managing post-production assets and will start by providing all streaming videos to speakers. They’ll also be responsible for storing footage and conducting minor video editing to account for streaming delays and interruptions. Our scope of work template recommends charging $1,500 for managing and storing assets. 

Next, the social media manager will edit one short video and format it for use on various platforms for $1,000. They’ll also write social media captions to go along with the video clips. Be sure to clearly define how many captions the scope includes — in this case, five captions for $1,500 — as scope creep can easily sneak up on a service like this!

The producer will close out this phase by uploading and delivering the final edited versions of the videos for $600.

Phase 4: Account Management for $6,900

Teamwork makes the dream work, as the saying goes, and that’s why everyone will have a hand in account management for this project.

From coordinating and managing studio equipment (producer) to overseeing the ideation and execution of creative aspects (creative director) to auditing social media content and data (social media manager), everyone will use their unique skills to ensure the project runs smoothly and the client receives stellar results.

Check out the full livestream event production scope of work template to see the full breakdown of everyone’s role in account management.

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