5 Wethos specialists on the power of good communication

After an incredible year of growth for Wethos Teams, we pulled together data in our 2019 Year in Review to see what drives a great team to success.

Our research surfaced ten key traits that are most critical to a thriving team and Wethos CEO Rachel Renock recently unpacked the value of each trait. We’re excited to introduce Teaming Up, a new series by Wethos exploring the ten traits that make up a great teammate. 

Each week, we’ll talk to Specialists within our network and bring in professionals from other industries to share their insights on a key trait. This inaugural installation of Teaming Up gathers advice from five Specialists who have brought their own greatness to Wethos Teams. They talk about communication—what it means to have good communication in a team, and what happens if communication is overlooked.


Shumaila Ahmad, Development Specialist
The most important aspect of good communication for me is developing empathy. As a freelancer who works in a very collaborative environment, I offer a transparent conversation so that both my client and my team members know that I’m open to questions and critique. Creating this atmosphere of shared vulnerability allows for a connection that is both safe and constructive. I’ve found that empathetic communication allows me to take action to improve the situation, which encourages my team and the client to act with empathy in return. This feedback loop allows us to create a useful and meaningful product for our end user.

Maria Bryan, Social Media Specialist
Trust is earned. It takes clearly articulating your vision, setting reasonable expectations, always keeping to your word, being honest with empathy, and being respectful and kind. Another key part of building trust is admitting when you’ve missed the mark and taking responsibility for it. I’ve been fortunate to partner with many freelancers who embody these traits incredibly. It’s so inspiring. These are the kind of teammates I hope to work with again and again.

Aaron Cohn, Web Design Specialist
For me, great communication is concise, super specific, and actionable. No fuss, no muss; just tell me what needs to change and why, and I’ll do the same. Great communication is also well-intentioned and comes from a place of caring. While Slack is a tool I’m not in love with, I’m obsessed with some of the new, more human, asynchronous tools out there like Loom and Yac that let you screen share with voiceover. So much often gets lost when it’s just text. Wethos teams embrace all of the above, and it’s a huge reason I love working with them.

Raul Flores, Design Specialist
Good communication is having the ability to give and receive information throughout the project. It manifests itself by having the ability to share your knowledge and experience with teammates while collaborating with the client to make for an awesome experience. Without consistent communication, we can get lost or fall a couple steps behind. Being able to stay on top of the multiple lines of communication and knowing when to speak up is important. If you don’t get your ideas out of your head and into a presentation for the team and/or client, they may not understand the thinking behind certain decisions. Being able to speak to your decisions and tying them back into the larger story is key.

Laura Peres, Design Specialist
To me, good communication means knowing how to convey your ideas and decisions while understanding that they are part of a larger ecosystem of thoughts, communication styles, and approaches. It means being confident about what you have to contribute while also having the humility to understand that your perspective is just a small part of something much larger. I truly believe that the real creative magic happens when a team is able to embrace the power of the collective and set their egos aside.