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Holiday Gift Guide: The perfect gifts to show your remote teammates you care

As a creative professional, you’re used to connecting and collaborating with your teammates in a remote environment. And clearly, remote work is here to stay.

You love your team and you want to extend your appreciation for them outside of Slack and Zoom. The holiday season is the perfect time to show them how much you care with thoughtful gifts that say “Hey, we haven’t met in person, but I noticed you could really use this for your WFH setup.”

Here are our recommendations for the best gifts for your remote teammates this holiday season.  

A plant

New to the team? If you want to go the safe route, everyone loves plants. They bring life into any room and add a splash of color to your coworker’s remote work setup — which gives you something nice to look at! 

Not only do plants give the impression that you put a lot of thought into their gift, but you’ll also get to make a fun activity out of tracking how long they can keep it alive if it’s in sight during video calls.

Treats for their pet

Get a gift for your co-worker’s co-worker — their pet! Don’t worry, it’s not weird because it’s not like you haven’t met before. Their pets make regular appearances during team calls and it’s always the best part of your day when their furry face pops into the screen or when you see them leisurely strolling in the background. They’re secretly your favorite teammate, after all. Give them the holiday treat they deserve for entertaining the team this year.


Feel like splurging? Opt for AirPods. It may be pricey, but this is really a gift that everyone will benefit from. No one wants to hear an echo or background noise coming from the other end during Zoom calls. With AirPods, the audio will come through loud and clear.

Create a Zoom background

Does your teammate sit near a window with a really bad glare? Or, do you find yourself distracted during meetings as you try to read the titles of every book on the shelf behind them? A minimal, non-distracting background is essential during video calls.

Use your creative skills to create a custom Zoom background for them. Have fun with it! Make it personal and let them know how hard you worked on it so they’ll feel really pressured to use it for your next call together.

A chair pillow

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ lumbar support? It may be a parental move, but lumbar support is important and you care about your teammate’s comfort. How else will they be able to finish that project you teamed up on if they aren’t sitting on a chair that can support them for 10+ hour workdays?

Blue light glasses

Does your co-worker comment on your blue light glasses asking if they’re real? Get them a pair of their own so you can both awkwardly say “haha, actually they’re fake” during team calls together. 

Plus, not only do they make you look professional, but blue light glasses really do help protect your eyes while you switch between Twitter, Instagram, and Slack throughout the day.

Coffee mug

Yeah, it may be basic but we could all use more mugs for the endless amount of coffee we need to stay energized during those marathon meeting days. Plus, you’re tired of watching them sip from the same two mugs all week long. It’s time to add something new into the rotation!

What gifts do you hope to receive from your remote teammates this holiday season? Join our Slack community of independent creatives to share your wishlist and fun gift ideas.