Break up with corporate and win $10K

What would you do with $10K? Finally quit your job? Buy yourself a new laptop? Expand your team?

Whatever it is that you envision as the next step for your independent business, we want to help you get there. We launched our first freelance pitch competition to give three entrepreneurs $10,000 to start or scale their studios.

The state of freelancing

If you’ve been itching to quit your job and finally make the leap into freelancing, then you’re not alone. 

In 2021, more than 38 million people quit their jobs. And not only did they quit, but many chose to forge their own path through freelancing. In 2021, 36% of the workforce was freelancing and by 2030, freelancers are expected to make up over half of the US workforce.

Break up with corporate, rebound with Wethos

As an independent, you know you have the talent and expertise to go out on your own. But making a major career pivot, leaving behind a steady paycheck, and getting your business off the ground is no easy feat.

That’s why we want to give you $10,000 to get started.

How it works

It’s time to break up with corporate for good. Here’s how you can win $10K to start your independent business:

  1. Sign up for Wethos

Join for free and open a Wethos Payment Account so we can send money directly to that account if you win.

2. Submit your pitch

Tell us about yourself! What’s your vision? How would you spend $10K?

3. If chosen as a finalist…

Our panel of judges will pick three winners.

4. Win $10K! 

Three entrepreneurs will each get $10,000 to start or scale their studios.

Submissions are open until Monday, February 28th. Winners will be announced Wednesday, March 16th.

Want to win $10K for your business?