Build your side hustle with this journal design scope of work template

If you have a background in print design and want to explore freelance work, a journal design project is a great way to kick off your side hustle.

Here’s our breakdown of a journal design scope of work template so you know what to charge for your next freelance project!

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Journal design scope of work template total: $3,850

If you’re a freelance designer, there are several ways you can customize this journal design scope of work template to fit a range of freelance opportunities. From magazines to ebooks to catalogs, you can stack your side hustle with a variety of creative design projects both in print and digital. 

To give you an idea of what this type of scope entails, let’s take a look at our top journal design scope of work template. Here are the three phases of the project: 

  • Phase 1: Research and Document Layout for $1,000
  • Phase 2: Cover & Back Design for $450
  • Phase 3: Interior Pages for $2,400

This freelance offering is pretty straightforward — design the layout, create the graphics, and voilà! — but there are a few things you should include if you want to get the most out of this scope and build a solid side hustle out of it. 

First, it’s essential to outline how many pages your journal design scope of work includes. You should have an idea of the size of the project during your initial meeting with the client, whether that’s a range or the exact number of pages, so be sure to make that clear in your scope. This particular template includes up to 10 pages, but you can easily adjust the number and price when you’re putting together your proposal. 

The reason you need to make this clear in your scope of work is to help you avoid scope creep. Scope creep can be detrimental to a project, and over time, it can get in the way of growing your freelance business. Do yourself a favor by creating a clear and detailed scope of work from the start.

It’s also important to use value-based pricing when putting together your scope of work. When you’re building a side hustle, knowing what to charge can be tricky. And while it may be tempting to charge hourly or per page, the best way to price your freelance services is with value-based pricing. Luckily for anyone just getting started with their side hustle, this journal design scope of work template does the heavy lifting for you so you can use value-based pricing from the start.

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