The art of the conscious hustle with Wethos Studio Lead Tiffany Hardin

Welcome to Creative Corner, a series by Wethos kickstarted to spotlight the many wonderful experts who make up our community. This week, we’re excited to share stories and inspiration from Wethos Studio Lead Tiffany Hardin of Gild Creative Group.

What’s your entrepreneurship story?​
My mother was the first entrepreneur I had ever known. She went to college, dropped out, and became a self taught software analyst in the ‘80s. For a Black woman, at that time, that was huge! STEAM has always been in my house and I loved music and creativity and at a young age committed to it for a career path. ​I believe that I have had a unique training ground that has ultimately informed my present hustle. I spent my early career working for successful Black entrepreneurs across music and advertising, so, it’s no wonder that I started my own company.

I started my company in 2011 and left my full time job in 2013 at the age of 27.  My career has been a manifestation of my lessons and experience from working with moguls, developing strategy and implementing tactics to amplify and empower culture. 

Though fairly successful, over the years, I worked with numerous clients and I even went full time at WeWork for two years to run talent and partnerships for Creator Awards — a global pitch competition that generated $20M for deserving entrepreneurs. 

While that was a great experience, I realized that I needed to get back to my own agency. So, in 2019, I recommitted my entrepreneurship journey as a female founder focusing on conscious marketing. 

Our mission is to provide superior marketing services to clients that consciously innovate and elevate the well-being of culture with their product or platform.

How do you identify yourself professionally? Tell us a bit about what you do today: 
I’m an entrepreneur, execu​tive ​strategic marketer, and conscious hustler. I own Gild Creative Group: an award winning, full-service influencer and brand management marketing firm. Our mission is to provide superior marketing services to clients that consciously innovate and elevate the well-being of culture with their product or platform. For over a decade, we have cultivated relationships with brands who prioritize their impact among diverse audiences and all types of talent/practitioners who bring their craft and voice to the projects. We’ve executed hundreds of brand influencer campaigns that support innovative ideas, products, and movements in the culture. Our team comprises conscious hustlers — strategists, creatives, account managers, and analysts who love to work with partners that are ready, willing, and able to do some cool -ish on and offline. 

As a nimble and resourceful agency, we best serve clients who thrive on turning ideas into reality and developing culture stories that can be appreciated, shared and, yes, measured.

What types of opportunities make your heart flutter?​
Strategic partnerships are my zone of genius. Anytime we can solidify a project with this approach, it makes me the happiest because I can call on cultural leaders and join forces to empower or amplify others. 

How would you describe really good teamwork? 
Teamwork is two or more people working on a project toward a common goal while encouraging and lifting each other up in the highs and lows. There’s a lot to be said for getting a project to the finish line, but building a sense of mutual support takes teamwork to the next level.  

What’s a collaboration you recently wrapped up that you’re proud of? 
I’m in the middle of an incredible social campaign to support HBO’s new show I May Destroy You. I was tapped to support influencer curation and I am so proud of this campaign already. And, though this is more of an ongoing process, my work with Lauren Ash, the founder of Black Girl in Om, in business development and brand partnerships is my pride and joy. We share values in supporting Black women and helping women of color feel seen and liberated in their healing journey. We have done so many great partnerships together and some really great ones are on the horizon.

What music (or sounds) do you jam to when you’re working through a project? 
Depends on my mood, but I love Cardi B’s “Money” and Beyonce “Mood 4 EVA.” 

What do you wish you had known when you were starting out? 
I wish I had learned how not to internalize critique or feedback whether it was positive or negative. It is still a struggle, especially as an Enneagram#3, but I am evolved and a more integrated person. I’ve had to learn to be patient and flexible with myself. If the vision in my head isn’t working the way I thought it would, I would want to take my ball and go home. I realized that I needed to learn to mold wet clay. 

I think anyone who starts their own business needs to take a firm look at how they are built as a person so that wherever they are weak, they can deal with it head on and create a solution for themselves, even if it means getting a business partner or a virtual assistant. The more honest you are with yourself and your capabilities, the easier it will be for you to get help when it’s needed. If you continue to avoid your weak spots, you will not move forward. There is a difference between being in motion and making progress.  

What discipline outside of your own do you want to connect with most in the Wethos community and why?
It’s important to me to get close with great multidisciplinary artists and designers, coders, and paid media experts.

Tiffany Hardin is the founder of boutique consultancy, Gild Creative Group (GCG), and is an award winning executive marketer. GCG brings conscious marketing to big ideas. Tiffany spends her time focused on serving clients who are innovating and elevating the well-being of culture through strategy, influencer marketing, and partnerships.

Her experience with entertainment, advertising and tech has allowed her to hold positions and consult with world class organizations such as Violator Management, Translation, Airbnb, WeWork, digitalundivided, and Black Girl in Om. Her Conscious Hustle helped her in securing lucrative six figure brand partnerships and procuring A-list talent for clients.

Tiffany is a Founding Member of Wethos Virtual Studios, a new product from Wethos built to help independent creatives and strategists team up to make more. Studio Leads running their business on Wethos Studios can easily price work, co-pitch projects, and pay partners all in one place. Curious? Request early access through our waitlist.