Don’t lowball yourself! How to price freelance work

Learn how to price freelance work so you can finally charge your worth.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re looking at services that often go undercharged so you can learn how to price freelance work more accurately. Wethos users have access to over 44 scope of work templates and 600 services. Ranging from brand strategy to social media and design, our scope of work tools streamline your proposal process so you can skip the freelance pricing mistakes and get to work.

Where do these numbers come from?

Our pricing recommendations are peer-sourced, meaning they become more intelligent as more people use the platform and contribute their prices. Instead of leaning on hourly rates, we price services based on value. Our value-based pricing breakdown goes into how (and why!) be believe that value-based pricing is a more equitable approach to pricing freelance services.

We’ve gathered 10 commonly undercharged services to share what other independents are charging for them. If this helped you, pass it along to a friend in the freelance space! We built Wethos Virtual Studios with flexibility in mind, so if these prices don’t match with what you charge, you always have the option to adjust them as you’re building out a scope on Wethos.

1. Engage on social media on retainer (always-on): 1 month for $2,400

Description: “On a monthly retainer basis, engage on social media on behalf of the client. Includes 30+ engagements per month.”

2. Design data visualizations: 1 visualization for $600

Description: “Create visualizations of data (e.g. pie chart, line chart, heat map) to be included in a report or website.”

3. Develop a brand’s tone of voice: 1 guide for $1,500

Description: “Craft writing samples that exemplify a personality and tone of voice that aligns with the brand.”

4. Optimize SEO blog content: 1 topic for $900

Description: “Optimize SEO-focused blog content for the client. Include insights into how to properly set up the post based on competitor insights, including keyword targeting, formatting, etc.”

5. Write landing page copy: 1 page for $600

Description: “Write landing page copy up to 1,500 words.”

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6. Design email marketing templates: 1 template for $900

Description: “Based on a brand style guide, design and deliver reusable email marketing templates for a single platform.”

7. Build Squarespace website: 1 website for $600

Description: “Develop a wireframe and site using brand identity on Squarespace.”

8. Manage and optimize paid media campaigns: 1 month for $1,500

Description: “On an ongoing basis, refine target audiences and budget amounts based on performance data, across platforms.”

9. Create influencer/ambassador program: 1 program for $900

Description: “Create strategy, process, and procedures for a brand influencer/ambassador program.”

10. Assemble mood board: 1 mood board for $900

Description: “Develop a mood board that helps the client contribute to the aesthetic feel of a project.”
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