Don’t offer a discount on your rates before checking this list

Instead of underpricing and over-delivering so everyone can afford you, price yourself at your TRUE worth with ideal clients who are willing, excited & able to pay you and then with your abundance you can give back even more!

That way, you can donate money, work pro bono, volunteer your time without being stressed or burnt out. Plus, with your abundance, you can shop small business, practice more sustainability, and hire employees that you pay more than enough so you just keep generating more of a positive impact on the world than you could have with less.

Read this before you ever offer another discount again:

As a recovering people pleaser, I used to have a really big discount problem, I created this discount checklist that I make sure to *check* myself before I jump right into giving discounts and I also ask my clients to run through it before doing so as well.

  • Do I want to offer a discount because I’m afraid of what this person might think of me?
  • Am I afraid I’m not enough?
  • Am I worried I won’t get any more clients because I’m new or I haven’t gotten one for awhile?
  • Am I afraid they think I’m expensive?
  • Do I not believe I’m worth my price?
  • Am I trying to prove something by taking a discount?
  • Am I doing this because I will also be getting something out of this that will make me feel good? Or do I just want to be easygoing & accommodating?

If you take a discount or cut corners on your worth out of FEAR, you have not only told your body and your inner self that you actually aren’t worth it and you must keep suffering in order to get what you want and prove your worth.
Did you answer yes to any of these questions? It might be best to hold your ground on pricing for this client. If you’re looking for more support on these types of negotiations, I’ve also put together a free guide to having hard conversations with clients.

Alex Tacket

Trauma-Informed Business Coach

Alex specializes in helping womxn heal their relationship with money and building businesses that feel good.