New feature: We’re putting the rolodex to rest

With our brand new community page, you can finally have all your creative contacts in one beautifully organized place.

As firm believers that collaboration supersedes competition, we want you to team up seamlessly on new projects. Our newest set of features enable you to:

  • Manage your network of co-conspirators
  • Share out your scopes with a public link
  • Invite contacts to a project

Ready to take your business to the next level?

So you met someone really freakin’ cool. Time to make sure they don’t disappear into one of your spreadsheets — or your notes app! (It’s okay, we know it happens sometimes.)

Gather all your people on the community page so you can get a bird’s eye view of all your potential collaborators. Heck yeah, we’re bringing back the Buddy List. Networking is a nuanced process, which means not everyone you meet will be an incredible fit for a collaborator right away. But sometimes there’s a beautiful spark and you’re off to the races on a thrilling new project. That’s why we’re introducing groups, so you can organize your roster into “Super Strategists” or “Backup Boost” — we won’t judge your group names.

Add your existing network to Wethos individually or in bulk and when you’re ready to access your list, you can filter and search by groups or contacts for quick access.

Got a collaborator who wants to see your scope before they accept the invite? 

You can now send them directly to your drafted scope with a public link. AKA more clarity now = less headaches later on. Download the scope as a PDF or copy the public URL to your clipboard to easily share it out. That’s right, throw that shiny new baby in an Instagram DM, ask for feedback on a Facebook group, or just text it straight to your mom for instant kudos.

Congrats! You’ve got your people organized. Your top picks for this project all said “sign me the heck up!” Now you just have to make it official official with an invitation to collaborate.

This means you can spend less time filling roles when you know way ahead of time who’s lined up and ready to hit the ground running. Once you’ve added and organized contacts, you can invite those teammates to your project scope. Search or filter your groups and add a contact in-line. Did one of your “Super Strategists” back out last minute? Just tap into your “Backup Boost” list and get the work back on track without a single glitch in the process. *Chef’s freakin’ kiss.*

Ready to take your business to the next level?