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A Good STARt: Horoscope for the Purpose-Driven World

Posted by Morgan Perrine on May 10, 2019 8:33:12 PM
Morgan Perrine

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You might need to sit down for this, Aries. Silicon Valley has a deep culture of “move fast, break things” and “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Bringing that attitude to the nonprofit world is going to be very tempting for you because, let’s be honest, it’s how you approach literally everything in life. But here’s the thing: When giant tech firms that billions of people use on a daily basis screw the pooch, they kinda get a pass because everyone uses them. When organizations that are trying to save the world accidentally release some names, things do not go as well. I know what you're thinking, and yes. It is messed up.

So the best thing you can do here is feel all your feelings, let those impulses wash through you, then do literally the exact opposite of what you want to do. Trust me, your organization will thank you.


Well Taurus, of all the signs you might be the one who’s got the least to worry about when it comes to navigating the ethical waters of technology. Mostly, because you’ve stubbornly resisted implementing new technology every step of the way. On the one hand, this is good, because you don’t risk falling into any moral potholes by moving too fast. On the other… well, let's just say prying that checkbook out of your hands was a little too difficult. So unlike pretty much every other sign on this list, our advice to you is to actually embrace more technology. Your natural instinct to resist it will keep you safe.



You’re adaptable, easy going, and love people. That flow? Yeah, you’re going with it. Which means you’re great at parties, investor meetings, and probably not a bad surfer. However, you’re going to have to be a little careful in your approach to tech. Your ‘anything goes’ nature that everyone loves, well, that attitude kinda let a lot of people’s data out into the world and caused a bit of a societal garbage fire. So if you find yourself saying “Sure, whatever sounds good” at a meeting, and that meeting involves the words “servers,” “databases,” or “robots with legs,” just take a step back and dig a little deeper. Oh, you should probably also change your password. Just a guess.


Cancers care... A lot. And that’s wonderful, even if you occasionally care “too much,” or “get way too attached to the bear the honey came in, so when it came time to recycle him you got a little emotional.” But now’s the time lean into that caring side of your nature, and take your mission-driven organization's digital security into your cozy den of protection. Everyone’s a little freaked out about having their data lost, so your natural desire to hold everything close is going to make board members and donors a lot more comfortable. Just, maybe don’t look at the list of people who unsubscribe from your newsletters. It’s a form of Cancer self-care.


Between your boundless energy and natural instinct to protect those you care about, you’re going to be a natural at this whole “ethical technology” thing. It’s what makes you so great in the nonprofit world to begin with. The only thing that you might have to remember is this: you don’t get positive feedback in the tech world for not screwing up and setting things on fire.  Which might be hard for you. So, let’s try to reframe things so they’ll feel better. From now on, whenever you don’t have a pitchfork-wielding mob outside your building that’s upset because you lost all their social security numbers—consider that everyone saying “good job!”


Good news Virgo! You’re natural fastidiousness, attention to detail, and caring nature means you will go to great lengths to make sure your mission-driven organization does things the right way. You do have a big watch out though. Your natural instinct to trust logic over your feelings should be ignored if something’s making you nervous. Appealing to logic over gut feelings has lead to some pretty big disasters in the tech world, so you’ll be well served by listening when your gut is telling you "NO". Also, this is a good way to approach buffets. Actually, just stay away from buffets nothing good ever comes of them.


Your need for balance may actually make things a little tricky for you, Libra. Because what feels like a balance, can often be pretty unsafe. For instance, if you’re looking for a good balance between using targeting data to find donors and creating ethical boundaries around how personal data is used—you might accidentally find yourself violating some privacy standards. The same is true for balancing ease of access with securing personal information. This isn’t because you’re careless. It’s because we’ve grown accustomed to a level of ease in our digital spaces that’s wildly dangerous. Like sure, being able to order a couch by yelling at a speaker named Alexa is cool, but your friends can also do it when you’re in the bathroom. I’m not sure what you consider secure, but that doesn’t feel like security to us. So, true balance will feel restrictive at first, but over time you’ll ease into it. Like I’m easing into this couch I didn’t order.


Maintaining an ethical approach to your digital presence is going to be tricky for you Scorpio. Not because you’re are an inherently unethical person, but because you’re an incredibly passionate and independent trailblazer. This could reap large rewards for your nonprofit organization because you’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to use technology. Buuuut those innovations you’re going to make will also require some guard rails so you don’t go flying off an ethical cliff at 100 miles an hour like the Duke boys. So, surround yourself with people who you trust to set those guard rails before you step on the gas.


Oh boy Sagittarius, this is going to be a challenge. Everything that makes you fantastic at finding solutions to complicated problem and experiencing new things, can get real dangerous REAL fast when data security is involved. In fact, the "doing things right and in a way that makes sure ethical boundaries aren’t crossed" is going to feel like an albatross around your neck. A lead albatross. That’s stuck in some mud. The good news is, you’re going to find some really innovative ways to do things— but making sure they’re done in a safe, responsible way is going to take waaaaay longer than you’d like. Maybe start a support group with Aries, who’s in a similar boat. Also don’t tell Aries we suggested that. They like to yell.


Uh, you’re good. Seriously. Your strengths are making solid plans and taking responsibility. You’re usual watch outs that come from worrying about worst case scenarios—well, they’re probably serving you well here.  Give yourself a pat on the back. Not too hard, you could pull a muscle, but you knew that, didn’t you? You responsible Capricorn, you.


Your natural progressiveness and care for people is going to serve you well as you navigate these ethical technology waters at your nonprofit organization. The only rocks you’ll have to watch out for are feelings of being constrained, which will arise as you look for new ways to implement technology. It’s frustrating, I know. Just remember to check back in with your compassion. It’ll help you avoid the siren songs of shady technical solutions by keeping you tied to the mast of social responsibility. Unfortunately, no one was here to guide me away from using an overextended metaphor.


Find a Capricorn, then put them in charge of implementing everything tech related. You dream, they execute. It’ll just be better that way. Trust us.

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