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Remote Team Horoscope for the Purpose-driven World.

Posted by Morgan Perrine on Jun 19, 2019 4:25:00 PM
Are you considering a new remote work policy at your organization? Not sure how to go about it or understand how you'll collaborate with your team in different timezones? Have no fear. Your horoscope is here for you do-gooders of the world who are ready to take your show remote.


Ah, Aries. You looked at one of the massive problems facing our planet and decided “You know what? How hard can it possibly be to give people nets? You get a net, you get a person, bingo bango - malaria is solved!” You even got yourself a grant. Except, now you need more people and your cousin Derek can’t learn how to do everything. It’s ok. Take a breath, and remember that it’s ok to collaborate remotely. Trust that there are people who are (almost) as passionate as you, who have spent years learning their trade. Also, it’s probably time to concede that not everyone who works for you must run the Gauntlet of a thousand trials. Also-also, it’s probably illegal.

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A Good STARt: Horoscope for the Purpose-Driven World

Posted by Morgan Perrine on May 10, 2019 8:33:12 PM

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