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How much to charge for a freelance project management scope of work

If you have a project management background, leverage your communication, organization, and leadership skills as a freelance project manager.

Here’s a breakdown of our project management scope of work template so you know how to price your next freelance project!

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Project management scope of work template total: $4,550

Before we break down our top project management scope of work template, let’s go over what a project manager does so you know exactly what goes into the pricing — and how to position your freelance business.

What is a project manager?

Project managers play an essential role in every company. They help plan, organize, and execute a project from start to finish. Project managers are responsible for handling everything from budgets to project scope and timeline, as well as assigning and overseeing the completion of tasks. 

As a freelance project manager, you may be brought onto a team to help lead a single project, or you could manage multiple projects on a retainer contract. Plus, since project management is essential for companies of all sizes and fields, you can work with clients across a variety of industries whether that’s tech, finance, or ecommerce. 

If you currently offer your project management expertise on a freelance basis or plan to start your freelance business soon, then let’s take a look at a freelance project management proposal so you know how to charge for this service.

How to price a freelance project management scope of work

Our top project management scope of work template breaks down one project into three phases: 

  • Kickoff for $1,450
  • Execution for $2,250
  • Handoff for $850 

The first phase should include all of the deliverables that will help you plan the project. This includes analyzing onboarding materials and developing a budget and timeline. 

Next, organize the deliverables you need for execution into another phase. These tasks include reviewing and presenting the project materials as they’re completed. 

The last phase is the handoff, which is a service freelancers often overlook when it comes to pricing their scope of work. As you wrap up your project, you’ll create a report that includes both qualitative and quantitative data for the project and hand off all final deliverables to the client. 

While this scope of work template is meant for a single project, it could easily be turned into an ongoing contract. Simply edit the template (and pricing) to reflect a recurring project. 

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