How to use our brand awareness scope of work template and charge $34K

A brand awareness scope of work isn’t just about “getting the word out there.”

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re highlighting our top brand awareness scope of work template!

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Here’s our breakdown for a brand awareness scope of work so you know how to charge for that next project!

Please note that our pricing suggestions are relational and the numbers inputted by users inform the recommendations over time. If you have feedback on the pricing below, please let us know! We always want our system to become smarter with your help.

Brand Awareness Campaign scope of work total: $34,450

Phase 1: Branding Strategy for $6,150

Description: “Help the client create or refine their brand through research, brainstorming and collaboration. This is to ensure that anything created is on-brand, allowing for consistency throughout all materials and distinguishing the client from the competition.” This includes auditing competitors, establishing mission statements, or writing taglines.

Phase 2: Email Marketing for $3,300

Description: “Get email marketing up-and-running by developing an email marketing strategy, designing templates and writing copy.” An impactful brand awareness campaign may include email marketing aspects to it. Make sure you’re charging for all parts of email marketing strategy, from figuring out the best email delivery platform to coming up with templates.

Phase 3: Search Engine Optimization for $3,900

Description: “Increasing the traffic to your website through organic search engine results.” One might not think of it this way, but SEO is key to organic brand awareness. This includes researching keywords, implementing website optimizations, or conducting SEO audits of a client’s existing content. If you’re not well-versed in SEO but want to include this in a brand awareness project, look through the Wethos Discovery tab to find someone from our network who’s an SEO expert!

Phase 4: Public Relations / Industry Conference Strategy for $9,000

Description: Executing a traditional PR campaign during or before an industry conference to increase awareness may be part of your client’s needs. From reaching out to media contacts to developing outreach lists, this type of work leverages the brand’s existing contacts plus extends into new networks.

Phase 5: Social Media for $12,100

Description: “Plan and execute social media campaigns to drive awareness and engagement for specific target audiences.” This phase involves quite the heavy lift as it pulls upon social media campaigns to raise brand awareness. From setting goals and objectives to developing the strategy behind the campaigns, this phase might also require some extra hands to assist with execution!

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