How to charge $46K for a marketing retainer using our top scope of work template

For extensive marketing proposals, it’s best to form a team — especially if you want to land a retainer client worth over $46K.

Here’s a breakdown of our top marketing retainer scope of work template to use for your next proposal.

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Marketing Retainer (10 months) scope of work total: $46,500

Phase 1: Initial Strategy & Goal Setting for $2,500

The marketing retainer scope of work template requires the expertise of three freelancers: a social media manager, a graphic designer, and a copywriter. Each will play a part in the initial phases as well as the monthly support work. 

To kick off the retainer, the social media manager will conduct a kick-off call for $1,500. The call will serve as an introduction to the project that walks the client through your team’s process, potential scenarios, and questions that will help set clear goals.

Next, the graphic designer will develop a mood board that sets the tone for the marketing work and will help the client contribute their aesthetic preferences. One mood board is priced at $1,000.

Phase 2: Social Media Audit & Strategy for $4,500

For the next phase, the social media manager will take the lead on planning social media strategies and campaign objectives to drive awareness and engagement for specific target audiences.

Every good project starts with an audit, and this retainer is no different. The social media manager will audit the client’s existing social content, platform usage, and performance across platforms to identify challenges and opportunities and put together one report for $1,500.

Work with the client to set high level social media goals (e.g., “Establish thought leadership in our space”) and objectives (e.g., “Get our CEO to post more”). Articulate them in a short briefing document for $1,500.

Based on audience research, the social media manager will also be in chase of developing strategies that enable the client to increase brand awareness, grow audience, increase community engagement, or generate inquiries, whatever the agreed upon goal is. Put the outlined social media strategies into one document for ‎$1,500.

Phase 3: Blog Management Strategy & Research for $3,000

For the final planning phase of the marketing retainer scope of work template, the social media manager and copywriter will team up to develop content pillars. 

The social media manager will conduct a strategy work session with the client to gather insights on what topics resonate with their audience. They’ll conduct one work session for $1,500. 

Next, the copywriter will be responsible for writing content outlines. Based on research and guidance from the client, they’ll write outlines for long-form content pieces up to 10 pages. Our scope of work template recommends charging $1,500 for these outlines, but if you choose to include more or less in your scope, then adjust the price accordingly.

Phase 4: Monthly Support for $3,650

Now comes the monthly retainer work. For the next 10 months, the team will execute on the social media and content campaigns that were outlined during the planning phases. 

While the social media manager builds the content calendars each month ($800), the graphic designer will create the assets for the social media posts while the copywriter develops captions. Our scope of work template suggests charging $450 for five creative assets and $1,500 for 5 written captions. 

The copywriter will also write one 1,500-word blog post for $450, which the graphic designer will create an asset for ($450).

This retainer will continue for 10 months total — and if you and the client decide to extend the retainer, don’t forget to adjust the scope of work and resend the contract!

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