How to market your freelance business when you know nothing about marketing

Many enter into freelancing without considering one vital piece of information—it is a business. And like any self-respecting business, we should consistently and skillfully market ourselves and our services to sustain business growth.

However, marketing can be daunting especially since not every freelancer has the know-how right from the get-go. Thankfully, you don’t need to take any marketing class to get started. These 5 simple yet solid freelance business marketing tips can help you kickstart developing a working marketing strategy today. One that works for you and the kind of business you want to build.

Spend time on the social media platform where your target clients hang out

This is super common but hear me out—internet users spend an average of 147 minutes per day on social media. But with so many platforms available, where should you market your services? Where should you begin building your brand?

Miriam Salpeter, a social media marketing consultant and founder of Keppie Consulting, believes you have to identify your target clients and work from there. By knowing the demographics of your desired audience, you’re able to pinpoint just which platform you’ll most likely find them in. And then, get in there.

You don’t need to make a huge presence right away but you do need to be present. This means posting consistently. Following relevant people. Interacting with their posts. Your target clients ought to know that you’re in the same space as them.

Connect with fellow freelancers and potential clients

If there’s something that carries over from traditional business management, it is the importance of networking. Connecting with your fellow freelancers and reaching out to potential clients increases your overall exposure and allows you to slowly put your name out there.

There are over 1.1 billion freelancers all over the world today. To put that into perspective, an estimated 3.3 billion people are employed worldwide as of 2022. With 1.1 billion freelancers, this means the freelancing space covers a third of the total global workforce.

With these statistics in mind, it makes complete sense to reach out to your fellow freelancers and establish worthwhile connections. Not only will you gain additional insight and knowledge about your particular niche, you might also even get referred to potential clients. 

Ramit Sethi, founder of GrowthLab wrote, “even your best, most loyal customers won’t stick around forever. Even if you are helping them make money.” Sad but true. This is why it is imperative, as a freelance business owner, that you continue to market your services and attract new clients. But also, build relationships with fellow freelancers. Wethos has a growing Slack community and we welcome every creative entrepreneur. There are also tons of Twitter communities and Facebook groups worth checking out.

Appear as a guest on podcasts and video interviews

Podcasts and video interviews are great spaces to learn new things. Which is why people are into them and why there is a demand for them. It has been projected that right now, there’s a total of 424.2 million podcast listeners worldwide. 

Of course, not all 424.2 million people will hear the podcast episode where you’re a guest, but that great of a number should convince you that guesting on podcasts and saying yes to interviews are effective means of putting yourself out there.

Collaborate with other freelancers

As the adage goes, “no man is an island.” Admittedly, most of us started freelancing to work for ourselves and on our own time. The sooner you realize that other freelancers can be collaborators rather than competition, the earlier you experience its potential benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Expanding your reach to clients you may not be able to service otherwise
  • Building friendships and relationships that challenge you to grow
  • Gain referrals that may lead to actual clients

Also, Harvard Business Review conducted a study that revealed freelancers who partnered with other freelancers were 65% more likely to get repeat jobs from the same client. If you don’t know how to get started with collaborating, we got you covered. Wethos’ platform makes it easy to

collaborate, so if a new freelancer friend wants to work with you on a project or two, the entire process can be seamless.

Share your knowledge publicly

Behind every freelance business is a unique story. By sharing that and by sharing your knowledge publicly, you allow your voice to be recognized as an expert in your particular market or niche. The more consistent you are in doing this, the more credible you become. And yes, credibility matters.

Start answering queries on social media and forums, create a newsletter, offer mentorships, and accept invitations to speak at events and meetups. In short, be available so you continue to attract those who need your expertise and your services. When clients look to avail services from freelancers, they’re more than likely to choose someone they can trust. To build that trust, you must first build a solid public presence.

Marketing your freelance business shouldn’t be intimidating. Instead, it should be a challenge for you to upskill, grow, and become more attractive to the market. Learn these 5 simple steps by heart and develop them into what ultimately works for you. Keep in mind, a solid business growth is not only profitable but also sustainable.

Tammy Danan
Tammy Danan

Tammy Danan is a storyteller who reports on environmental and social issues. She also covers productivity, creative pursuits, and the future of work. Her words have appeared in VICE, Audubon.org, ZEKE Magazine, Shutterstock, Toggl, among others. You may find her on Instagram @SlowFreelancing.