How to pitch a performance analysis and reputation management scope of work

How should price and pitch your website analytics or reputation management services?

Here’s our breakdown of a Performance Analysis & Reputation Management scope of work so you know how to charge for your next freelance project!

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Performance Analysis and Reputation Management scope of work total: $5,100

A performance analysis and reputation management scope of work combines the expertise of independents who work in SEO, website analytics, reputation management, and paid media. 

These are all specialized skills that, when combined, can result in a powerful website for any brand — making this project highly valuable for companies that want to improve their online presence and reputation. 

This scope of work breaks the project down into three phases:

  • Web Analytics Research & Strategy for $1,500
  • Web Analytics Build & Documentation for $2,100
  • Reputation Management Strategy for $1,500

Depending on how many freelancers team up for this project (this scope of work template suggests two), you could split up the phases by role or partner for each phase. Either way, be sure to exercise pay transparency to ensure each team member gets paid fairly for their contribution to the project. 

While this scope of work is largely strategy-based and can be considered a one-off project, there could also be an opportunity to secure ongoing work

As you’re presenting the web analytics strategy and reputation management strategy to your client, emphasize the importance of regular website and SEO audits. You could potentially offer website analytics reports or management on a monthly basis, or, at the very least, check back in every six months or so to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Either way, there’s room to turn this scope of work into a long-term client engagement if you’re looking for ongoing work.

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