How to pitch a public relations retainer scope of work worth over $35K

Calling all publicists: If you offer retainers, here’s our breakdown of a Public Relations Retainer scope of work so you know how to charge for your next freelance project!

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Public Relations Retainer scope of work total: $35,100

As a publicist, you have deep connections with influential people in the media including journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Not only do you tap into these connections to secure media placements, but you also use your research and strategic storytelling skills to find optimal brand awareness opportunities for your clients. Simply put, public relations expertise is invaluable for companies that want to increase their reach and get in front of the right people — and as an independent PR professional, you’re the person they come to. 

So what is the best way to use your PR skills to help clients on a freelance basis? Through an ongoing retainer. 

Communications and PR efforts aren’t one-time projects — it can take time to produce meaningful brand awareness results or secure impactful media placements. That makes this scope of work the perfect opportunity for an ongoing retainer.

How to pitch a monthly public relations retainer scope of work

Our community-sourced public relations retainer scope of work template breaks down this project into a 7-month engagement, starting with a planning phase for $1,500 that will focus on building outreach lists. 

From there, the PR scope of work template outlines monthly work ($4,800 per month) that will happen over the course of seven months. Your monthly retainer work includes conducting strategy work sessions with your client, writing and distributing press releases, pitching media contacts, and timely follow-ups. Doing these tasks on a monthly basis keeps your clients fresh in the minds of the media which ultimately helps increase the number of placements you can secure. 

To help communicate the value of a monthly PR retainer, here are a few powerful stats to share with potential clients:

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