How to secure startup clients using our investor pitch deck scope of work template

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Here’s our breakdown of an Investor Pitch Deck scope of work so you know how to charge for your next freelance project!

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Investor Pitch Deck scope of work total: $4,000

Investors receive hundreds of startup pitch decks a year. And when you consider that they may only spend two to five minutes reviewing each one, the case for a strong presentation is even greater. 

If you’re a communications strategist that works with startups, your communications and presentation expertise can make the difference between fresh funding or a pitch rejection for your clients. 

For an investor pitch deck scope of work, not only will you take the lead on messaging, positioning, storytelling, and copy, but you’ll also bring on a designer to create professional presentation templates that the client can continue to use once the project wraps up. 

How to turn an investor pitch deck into monthly client work

Picture this scenario: A new startup asks for your expertise to create an investor pitch deck for them. After developing the deck and sending over the final product, you learn that your deck helped them land major funding from several venture capitalists. 

Your job here is done, right? 

According to this single scope of work, yes. But there’s an opportunity to turn this project into ongoing work if you want to earn more and secure a monthly retainer. 

If you want to continue working with this client and startup clients like them, now is the perfect time to expand your service offerings.

As a communications strategist, you’re skilled at positioning companies in the best light through written communications, messaging, and branding. And these are all things a newly-funded startup will need help with to grow their company. 

Now that you’ve demonstrated the value of your expertise through the investor pitch deck, you can team up with fellow freelancers who are experts in PR, writing, and graphic design to offer a comprehensive communications and marketing strategy for startups.  

Expanding your scope of work is an effective way to earn more money, take on bigger projects, and ultimately grow your business. 

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