How to team up for a customer acquisition scope of work

If you’re a CMS developer, paid social media manager, or SEO manager, consider joining forces for a freelance customer acquisition project.

Here’s our breakdown of a Customer Acquisition scope of work so you know how to team up and what to charge for your next freelance project!

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Customer Acquisition scope of work total: $10,000

This project focuses on optimizing your client’s website and social media channels for customer acquisition so they can generate leads and convert new customers. To do this, the project requires the expertise of a CMS developer, paid social media manager, and SEO manager. If you are a freelancer in one of these roles and you want to team up for a larger project like this one, tap into a community of freelancers to find your next collaborator.

Once you have your dream team lined up, you can get to work on building your scope of work for a customer acquisition project.

Our top customer acquisition scope of work template includes three phases:

  • Phase 1: Onboarding and Customer Acquisition
  • Phase 2: Refine Advertising Strategy & Channels
  • Phase 3: Website and Content Redesign

The first phase is all about creating audiences, setting up ad accounts, and putting together campaigns to acquire quality leads. The work includes researching keywords, creating an ad budget, creating search ads, and configuring search engine consoles. 

During the second phase of the project, the paid social media manager will focus on refining the advertising strategy and channels. Their deliverables include building audience personas and developing ads. While this scope of work template only includes Facebook ads, your team can customize each service to whatever makes the most sense for the project. And if you do, don’t forget to adjust the pricing to best reflect the channels and number of ads you create. 

The final phase of the customer acquisition scope of work template prioritizes the client’s website — this is where the CMS developer works their magic. The developer will work on everything from creating a custom website theme to sourcing images to launching and testing the website. All of this will be done with lead generation in mind.

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