How to team up for a product line branding scope of work

Our top product line branding scope of work template includes four phases, four teammates, and is worth $11,150. Check out our recommended breakdown before you send your next proposal.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re highlighting our Product Line Branding scope of work template!

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Here’s our breakdown of a Product Line Branding scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

Please note that our pricing recommendations are powered by tens of thousands of data points, all from real studios on our platform. If you have feedback on the pricing below, please let us know! We always want our system to become smarter with your help.

Product Line Branding scope of work total: $11,150

Phase 1: Discovery for $3,400

For this project, there should be four teammates involved: a creative director, concept designer, copywriter, and photographer. If you typically work solo in one of these roles, consider teaming up with fellow independents so you can scope and win a bigger project! 

The creative director will kick off phase one by analyzing the client’s existing creative strategies and practices. They’ll put together a report with initial recommendations for $900. The director will also research up to three aspirational brands to identify unique traits, messages, positioning styles, or behaviors that could inform the client’s branding. They’ll put together one report of the audit for $1,500. 

Next, based on the initial findings and client input, the concept designer will create a mood board that will guide the aesthetic feel of the project. Our scope of work template recommends charging $1,000 for one mood board.

Phase 2: Concept Design for $2,700

The concept designer will take the lead for the second phase of the branding project which includes coming up with three different concepts for the client to choose from. 

The designer will start by creating a package design for a small product line. The full package includes three original design options, conceptual creative direction, and copywriting. This package should be priced at $1,200. 

Next, they’ll manage the rollout of the approved design direction onto print-ready dielines for $1,500.

Phase 3: Design Rollout for $3,900

With the concept design complete and the rollout in motion, it’s time for the photographer and copywriter to come in and execute their parts to bring the design to life. 

Under the direction of the creative director, the photographer will conduct an on-site product photography session. Their role also includes post-process photo retouching for 15-30 final images. The photographer’s role in this scope should be priced at $1,500. 

Next, the copywriter will edit and re-write up to 250 product descriptions that align with the new branding. This portion of the project is also priced at $1,500.

Phase 4: Create Production Ready Files for $1,150

The final phase of the product line branding scope of work is to deliver production-ready files and prepare all assets to hand off to the client. 

The concept designer will create brand guidelines that can be reused by the client’s design or development team so they have a solid foundation to work with. 

To wrap things up, the creative director will hand over the final deliverables for the client, including all feedback and proofreading, in the final format(s) agreed upon.

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