How to team up for a virtual event management scope of work

Virtual events are here to stay.

If you’re a freelance event strategist, here’s our breakdown of a Virtual Event Management scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

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Virtual Event Management scope of work total: $27,900

Phase 1: Pre Event Management for $5,400

To successfully execute a complete virtual event scope of work, you’ll need four team members: an event strategist, creative director, content creator, and a PR manager. If you work in one of these roles, consider teaming up for a larger scope of work to earn more

The event strategist will kick off the first phase by setting high-level goals and objectives, keeping in mind the target audience, promotional channels, metrics, and KPIs. This person will also identify potential risks associated with the event and develop an actionable risk management plan to be used by event staff and volunteers. 

Next, the creative director will create a thematic outline for the virtual event that highlights key points, subjects, and creative elements. They’ll also put together everything needed to produce the virtual event, which may include anything from a livestream technician to a pre-recorded video stream, or even a recap video.

To wrap up the initial phase of the virtual event management scope of work, the marketing content creator will set up one email marketing campaign that will lead up to the event.

Phase 2: Public Relations & Event Branding for $7,800

Every good event — even a virtual one — needs stellar PR and event branding to help generate buzz and increase event attendees. 

For this phase, the event strategist, PR manager, and content creator will collaborate on everything from building event landing pages and designing marketing collateral to developing outreach lists and writing and distributing press releases.

Phase 3: Live Event Management for $9,700

It’s time for all of the virtual event prep work to be put into action. 

The event strategist is responsible for collecting and synthesizing essential data during the live event to assist in real-time decision making. The strategist will also develop a 3D virtual environment using specialized software and blueprints to be used as immersive sets for the live-streamed show. Finally, the event strategist will source relevant partners to be part of a 90-minute moderated roundtable conversation during the event. 

Meanwhile, the creative director will manage the online streaming, testing, and production of the virtual event, in addition to producing a webinar. 

Finally, the content creator will develop a short-form video — the duration can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, just be sure to make it clear in the scope of work! — that can be used across various digital platforms.

Phase 4: Post Event Management for $5,000

Once the event has wrapped up, the final phase will focus on post-event management. 

The content creator will deliver video coverage from the virtual event based on the shot list provided by the client. 

The event strategist will handle the rest of the post-event management, including everything from organizing post-event data and developing a community engagement strategy, to conducting post-event communications with partners and attendees. They’ll also create a detailed post-event report that outlines the results of the virtual event.

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