How to team up for an infographic scope of work

Infographics are a staple of visual marketing.

If you’re a content strategist or graphic designer with infographic expertise, here’s a breakdown of our infographic scope of work template so you know how to price your next freelance project!

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Infographic scope of work template total: $6,000

Before we break down our top infographic scope of work template, let’s go over what exactly an infographic is and why it’s a valuable offering for your freelance business. 

What is an infographic?

Infographics are a visual representation of complex or data-heavy information. There are several types of infographics including: 

  • Statistical infographics
  • Map infographics
  • Comparison infographics
  • How-to or process infographics 
  • List infographics 
  • Timeline infographics 
  • …and more 

Though they’re highly visual, infographics are more than just a creative asset. 

These graphics are a powerful way to educate and inform, which makes them a valuable marketing tool for companies of all industries and sizes. In fact, 65% of brands use infographics for marketing purposes. Infographics are typically distributed across all online channels and used to inform audiences, spark engagement, and share a company’s expertise or credibility. 

This is good news if you’re a freelance content strategist or graphic designer skilled in developing infographics. There’s value in this type of project, which makes it a sought-after freelance service worth offering. 

How to team up for an infographic scope of work

According to our top infographic scope of work template, freelancers are charging $6,000 for an infographic project.  

Creating an infographic requires knowledge of content strategy and an understanding of how to present data using storytelling. If you’re a content strategist with design skills, you can take on this scope as a solo project. Or, you can team up with a graphic designer to combine your expertise and share the workload. 

The first stage is to gather and understand the statistics or data that will be included in the infographic. To do this, the content strategist will communicate with the client to get all of the information needed. Then they’ll determine the best format to present the data, whether that’s a statistical graph, a timeline, or a comparison chart. 

From there, the content strategist can write the copy and the designs can be developed. 

This scope also includes deliverables after the infographic has been created and approved. The last step is to prepare the graphic for publication, whether that’s through print or on social media. 

Our top infographic scope of work template can be used for a one-time project, or it can be easily adjusted to suit an ongoing project with multiple infographics involved. Simply edit and customize the template for your specific project and client needs, and you’re good to go. 

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