How to turn our digital assets design scope of work template into ongoing work

Calling all digital designers! How do you price your work? Here’s our breakdown of a Digital Assets Design scope of work so you know how to charge for your next freelance project!

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Digital assets design scope of work total: $4,650

Our top digital assets design scope of work template includes two phases: digital asset creation and digital asset handoff. 

The creation phase involves everything from developing branding style guides to sourcing images. It also includes designing digital assets for display ad templates, social media, and a digital newsletter. The pricing outlined in our scope of work template is for individual assets, so be sure to adjust your price based on a set amount of assets you and your client agree to for the project. 

The second phase of the digital assets design scope of work is the handoff. This involves reformatting the social media assets and preparing the final text and art files for delivery. These tasks help prepare your client for success down the road. As you wrap up the project, the handoff phase is a great time to propose ongoing support. Let’s go over how to do this.

How to turn a digital assets design scope of work into ongoing work

Having consistent client work lined each month is a gamechanger for freelancers. With ongoing work, you don’t have to start the new client process over again and again. Instead, you can rely on guaranteed work from one client. That’s where a retainer comes in. 

One of the best ways to secure a retainer client is through a client you’re already working with. As you wrap up a one-off project, use that opportunity to communicate how you can support your client on an ongoing basis. 

With a digital design assets scope of work, for example, communicate the value in having create digital assets for multiple channels each month. Rather than having someone in-house repurposing social media templates, the client can benefit from having original designs created for them each month. 

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