How to turn our emotes creation scope of work template into ongoing work

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Emotes Creation scope of work total: $1,000

This project is designed to be delivered on Twitch and Discord, and the outlined phases and pricing are pretty straightforward. 

Our top emotes design scope of work template breaks down the design process into two stages:

  • Stage 1: Static
  • Stage 2: Animated

The first phase focuses on designing the static images that the emote design will be based on, and the second phase is all about bringing those designs to life.

While this specific scope of work template includes 3 designs for overall project, you can easily adjust the deliverables and pricing when you use this scope for your next proposal. 

This is a small project and can be a great option for illustrators who are just getting started, building their side hustle, or who want to increase the volume of projects you take on. But if you’re looking for something that helps you build your freelance business and secure recurring income, consider proposing a retainer using this scope of work.

How to turn an emotes creation project into ongoing work

If you’ve landed a client who wants emotes designed for them, then you’re already halfway there. The key to securing ongoing work is to emphasize the value of the project as you’re wrapping up the first designs. 

As a freelance illustrator, you can create all types of graphics if you want to. Use your expertise communicate how receiving original illustrations or graphics on a regular basis can help the client produce original content, keep their audience engaged, and maintain a fresh look for their brand. 

Here are a few visual content stats from Venngage that can help you make the case for ongoing illustration work with your client: 

  • Original graphics like illustrations are the most popular type of visual content among marketers
  • 76.6% of marketers find it difficult to produce visual content on a regular basis
  • 17.8% of marketers partner with a freelance designer, while 35.5% use an online tool or graphic maker (Translation: Your client can get a leg up on the competition by partnering with you to create original graphics instead of relying on a tool that many others use)

By using this scope of work template and sharing a compelling reason to create original graphics on an ongoing basis, you’ll have a retainer secured in no time.

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