How to turn our top motion graphic scope of work template into monthly work

If you’re a 2D or 3D animator, here’s our breakdown of a Motion Graphic scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

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Motion Graphic scope of work total: $2,600

This scope of work template outlines the standard process for creating motion graphics which includes a strategy and design phase followed by a production phase. 

Like any good design project, this motion graphic scope should include a mood board deliverable that the client can contribute to. This is an essential element of the scope of work. Not only does the mood board set the tone for the graphic you’ll create, but it helps ensure you and your client are on the same page before you dive into designing. 

When it comes time to design, it’s essential to clearly outline how many assets are included in your price in order to avoid scope creep. For example, our scope of work template recommends charging $600 for one animation, and $1,000 for the editing process which includes editing the video to be used for social media. 

Though this scope of work template is for a one-time project, it can easily be turned into ongoing work. Let’s go over how to do that.

How to turn a motion graphic scope into monthly recurring work

Since your client already hired you to create a motion graphic, there’s a good chance they already understand the value of what you provide. But it doesn’t hurt to emphasize it again as you’re wrapping up this first deliverable. 

After delivering the first motion graphic to your client, remind them of the deliverable’s value, i.e., can help boost engagement; it grabs followers’ attention more than a static image; custom graphics can help their brand stand out, etc. 

Next, make a recommendation of how many animations you think their social media content could benefit from on a monthly basis, e.g., 1x per week for three platforms. From there, you can adjust the price for a larger scope of work based on this scope of work template.

Once you and your client have agreed on a new set of deliverables, you can easily edit your scope of work and turn it into a monthly retainer using Wethos. 

One-time projects are a great way to work with a high volume of clients. But if you enjoy working with a specific client and are looking for more stability — not to mention, guaranteed income — then turning a one-time project like this one into a monthly scope of work is the key to growing your freelance business. 

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