How to use Wethos’ event materials design scope of work template for your next proposal

Calling all print designers: here’s our breakdown of an Event Materials Design scope of work so you know how to charge for your next freelance project!

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Event Materials Design scope of work total: $4,900

Marketing materials are essential for events. Not only do well-designed print ads or event flyers generate buzz and attract attendees, but they’re also a chance for businesses to showcase what their brand is all about. And that’s where you come in. 

As a print designer, a visual refresh is right in your wheelhouse. Events of all types and sizes need fresh marketing materials to promote the event and drive ticket sales. 

This event materials design scope of work template outlines what you can offer for this project including designing postcards, designing print ad templates, and designing business presentation templates that implement the client’s brand identity.

If you’re looking to build a side hustle out of your design expertise, a one-off project like this one can easily be turned into ongoing work.

How to turn this scope of work template into ongoing work

If you know that your client regularly plans or hosts events, use this scope of work template to propose a monthly retainer.

Once the initial project wraps up, propose additional marketing materials for the next event or recommend supporting projects like digital assets. 

The key is to communicate the value of print and design work and recommend projects that will benefit the client on an ongoing basis. 

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