How to use our event video and photo coverage scope of work template in 2023

Events are back and better than ever — and they need freelance photographers and videographers to capture the magic.

If you’re wondering what to charge for freelance video and photography, here’s our breakdown of an event video and photo coverage scope of work template so you know how to price your next freelance project!

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Event video and photo coverage scope of work template total: $2,700

After a few years of virtual and hybrid events taking center stage, the in-person events market promises to be stronger than ever in 2023 — which means there’s no shortage of work for event photographers and videographers. 

Plus, there’s ongoing value in the services you provide. The photos and videos you take at the event can be used by the client long after the event ends in a number of ways, including: 

  • Promo for future events 
  • Content for the client’s website and social media 
  • Creative assets that the media or PR team can use for post-event coverage 

Our top event video/photo coverage scope of work template for freelance event photographers and videographers is pretty straightforward. The scope includes photo coverage, video coverage, and aerial media assets for one live event. 

This customizable template offers a great starting point if you have small live events in your sights. But if you want to secure work for larger events — and earn more — as a freelance photographer or videographer, let’s go over how to use this template to do that.

How to secure freelance work using our event photo and video coverage scope of work template

The best way to secure photo or video work? Team up with another freelancer or agency that offers event production services

Once you’ve joined forces with a production team, use this scope of work template as a base for any future projects you’re part of. 

To prevent scope creep, make sure your scope of work outlines clear deliverables. For a photographer, this includes the number of photos you are going to deliver. For a videographer, this could include the length of the video you’re going to shoot and edit.

In addition to attending the event, your scope should also outline how involved you’re going to be on any pre-event or post-event action items including planning meetings, edits, or hand-offs. These are often overlooked services, but as freelancers, they’re part of the value you bring and should be included in your scope of work. 

Whether you choose to offer photo and video coverage as a solo service or want to team up for a larger event production project, this template is a great launching pad for your freelance photography or videography business. 

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