In Session pricing strategy

#InSession: Building Your Services Library

​Wethos and Visionary Rising present #InSession, a series built for creators by creators, to provide insightful tips on utilizing the Wethos platform to scale rapidly and win more business.

​Each session has been artfully crafted to provide both a guide to the platform and resources to help you expand your studio, knowledge, and network. Whether you’re a freelancer launching a solo studio or a seasoned agency founder ready to hit the next level, this series is for you! The series is co-hosted by LaTecia Johnson, founder of Visionary Rising and Rachel Renock, co-founder of Wethos.

Visionary Rising is a creative + production studio crafting authentic campaigns for brands who want to reach diverse audiences. Founded in 2016, Visionary Rising is a culture-focused agency bridging the gap between creators, brands, and the audiences they covet. 

Below are a few takeaways from the second session, which covers pricing strategy. Watch the full session here

Session 2: Pricing Strategy (Part 1) | Building Your Services Library

What is the Wethos Services Library?

The Visionary Rising team started by adding their existing services (15), then selected services that matched from the Wethos Library. 

“We discovered there were A LOT of things that we weren’t charging for but should have been.” – LaTecia

Land & Expand Methodology 

According to LaTecia, “We operate under the ‘land and expand’ ethos for our clients. We are focused on providing services that solve problems, so by bundling the offerings we are able to provide more value over a longer period of time versus shorter-span projects. Our services are designed to aid in our pitches because they provide our team with a comprehensive guide on solving problems.”

How to build your services library 

Start by organizing your list of services before you build your library. Then, break down the services into 3 groups:

  • Current services 
  • Complimentary services 
  • Expansion services

Current services

These cover the services you are already offering to your clients or have been requested by clients. 

Complimentary services

These are services that complement your offerings, like photography + creative direction. 

Expansion services 

Services that can expand your offerings like photography + creative direction + location scouting.

Another best practice

Tie your discovery process to your service-offerings by grouping questions based on the problem that needs to be solved. Without an in-depth discovery process, you could be leaving money on the table!

Don’t have a discovery process? Start with the basics:

  • What is the business trying to say?
  • What is the business trying to achieve?
  • How does the business want to achieve the goal?
  • When does the goal need to be achieved?
  • What have they done toward the goal in the past?
  • Why are they seeking you out now?

Ready to start building your Services Library?