Visionary Rising and Wethos Presents In Session

#InSession: Getting Started With Wethos

​Wethos and Visionary Rising present #InSession, a series built for creators by creators, to provide insightful tips on utilizing the Wethos platform to scale rapidly and win more business.

Each session has been artfully crafted to provide both a guide to the platform and resources to help you expand your studio, knowledge, and network. Whether you’re a freelancer launching a solo studio or a seasoned agency founder ready to hit the next level, this series is for you! The series is co-hosted by LaTecia Johnson, founder of Visionary Rising and Rachel Renock, co-founder of Wethos.

Visionary Rising is a creative + production studio crafting authentic campaigns for brands who want to reach diverse audiences. Founded in 2016, Visionary Rising is a culture-focused agency bridging the gap between creators, brands, and the audiences they covet. 

Below are a few takeaways from our first lesson, which covers how to get started on Wethos. Watch the full session here.

Session 1: Series Overview | Intro to Wethos’ Overall Platform

The Challenge

Visionary Rising wanted to scale and take their agency to the next level, but realized their biggest challenge was a high cost of doing business + a low profit margin

A few reasons for this were:

  • Their existing clients halted their contracts to wait out the pandemic 
  • Uncertainty around runway and capital
  • Inability to meet demands for projects due to low-skilled workforce
  • Managing teams across multiple projects, platforms, and payment system

Introduction to Wethos 

In 2020, Visionary Rising was invited to join the founding cohort of Wethos Virtual Studios as part of 100 studios to beta test the platform that would revolutionize the way they do business. 

One tool LaTecia and the team were introduced to was the Wethos Services Library, a tool that provides insight into what to charge for your services by sourcing prices from the community.

To test out the Wethos Services Library, LaTecia created a scope for a customer they were already in negotiations with. 

The initial scope for the client was $5.7K. After using the Wethos Services Library to put together a scope for the same amount of work, the price came out to $20K, a $15K difference. 

“My team completed an audit of our past services utilizing the Wethos Services Library. In the 3 years of business, we’d undervalued our services by at least 50%, costing nearly $250K in potential revenue.” – LaTecia

The Results

Since joining Wethos in June 2020, Visionary Rising has…  

  • Scaled from a six-figure agency to a seven-figure studio 
  • Optimized the proposal process by decreasing their average pitch time from 2 weeks to 3 days
  • Won more business more often 

But it’s not just about the money. 

“For me, it’s the peace of mind knowing that our proposals are top of the line, our rates are competitive, and our collaborators are untouchable.” – LaTecia

LaTecia and the Visionary Rising team have achieved these results by utilizing a combination of things you’ll learn in the #InSession series. RSVP here!

Ready to see how your pricing compares to the Wethos Services Library?