In Session pricing strategy part 2

#InSession: Value-Based Pricing & Pricing for Scale

​Wethos and Visionary Rising present #InSession, a series built for creators by creators, to provide insightful tips on utilizing the Wethos platform to scale rapidly and win more business.

​Each session has been artfully crafted to provide both a guide to the platform and resources to help you expand your studio, knowledge, and network. Whether you’re a freelancer launching a solo studio or a seasoned agency founder ready to hit the next level, this series is for you! The series is co-hosted by LaTecia Johnson, founder of Visionary Rising and Rachel Renock, co-founder of Wethos.

Visionary Rising is a creative + production studio crafting authentic campaigns for brands who want to reach diverse audiences. Founded in 2016, Visionary Rising is a culture-focused agency bridging the gap between creators, brands, and the audiences they covet. 

Below are a few takeaways from part two of our Pricing Strategy sessions. This lesson covers everything you need to know about preparing your studio for scale by managing your budget and client expectations. 

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Session 3: Pricing Strategy (Part 2) | Value-Based Pricing & Pricing for Scale

As a studio owner, one of the keys to scaling your agency is to manage your team and minimize burnout. One way to do this is by implementing a system like Project Pods, as Visionary Rising does.

Project Pods

The team works in “pods” which allows them to quickly operationalize projects and teams for their clients to ensure they are receiving the best service and support their efforts as they grow. This process works because it ensures that each team member is assigned based on their area of expertise and the Visionary Rising team is able to minimize burnout & scope creep across the project while also limiting cost.

Each team member is assigned an area of focus, then paired with other team members to handle various areas of the account work.

Pricing for scale best practices

Before you implement the project pod system, outline your practices and processes. 

By implementing the project pod system, LaTecia says, “Our agency has grown from a solo studio where I did the majority of the work – to a team atmosphere where I take the lead on projects I love.”

This has been made possible because of our standard operating procedures (SOPs) which cover: 

  • Methodology 
  • Onboarding process
  • Project setup 

Visionary Rising’s Pricing Process 

Identify scope process

Our first step is to search through the template library to identify if there is already a template that meets our team’s needs or if we’ll have to modify our own.

Create the scope

Once we’ve completed step 1, we go about creating our scope, making sure to include specific call-outs to things the client mentioned during our discovery session.

Assign the pod

Wethos’ template and services library does the work for you by outlining the type of team member needed to build the team – from there, you just need to assign the pod from your existing network or source using the collaboration tool.

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