Meet the Founding Members scaling up their businesses with Wethos Virtual Studios™

We built Wethos to escape the complex workflows that come with building and managing project-based creative teams. Our platform was created specifically for small business owners who sell content, brand, design, and marketing services. With our platform, creative entrepreneurs can:

✓ Get instant pricing recs
✓ Confidently upsell  clients
✓ Increase  average project size

There are 350+ studios already scaling up their businesses with Wethos, and we’d like to introduce you to a few of them. Our Founding Members have contributed their input and insight throughout our beta, and continue to shape the future of Wethos Virtual Studios. We’re now open for free trials. Interested? Try Wethos now.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll meet more Founding Members and learn from their industry knowledge. For today, we’re so excited to introduce you to 12 of our Founding Members Cohort:

Melissa Alam

Melissa Alam is the Founder and Creative Director of ALAM Digital, a boutique branding and Squarespace website design agency. She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur, brand strategist and photographer based out of Chicago. She works with creative entrepreneurs and bold brands to create, design and execute strategies that increase sales, gain more exposure and inspire communities.

Bennett D. Bennett

Bennett D. Bennett is principal at Aerialist and co-founder of 600 & Rising, an advocacy group for Black talent in advertising. The 4As MAIP alum has worked for The Drum, BBDO and Interbrand.

Maria Bryan

Maria Bryan is a digital marketing strategist and content marketing writer for nonprofits, and founder of Maria Bryan Creative. Nonprofit marketing is how she reconciles her love for storytelling and passion for public service. Maria’s a new Tallahassee, Florida resident, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. She’s a mama of two daughters, a toddler and one on the way.

Jessika Davidson

Jessika Davidson is a marketing and engagement strategist that has worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations on their marketing and engagement strategies and platforms since social widgets were a thing and MySpace was still “the space”. Throughout her career, she’s had the privilege of consulting with leading-edge organizations and brands on a wide range of digital communication projects and has a passion for issues that center marginalized communities and prompt civic engagement.

Nu Goteh

Nu is a Liberian-born refugee, designer, strategist, creative director, and social practitioner residing in Los Angeles. His singular and multifaceted resume combines 12+ years of brand experience across industries with a Masters Degree in strategic design and management focused on solving human-centered problems. Nu is currently co-founder & creative director of the strategy and design studio Room for Magic, and its partner publication Deem.

Zach Grosser

Zach Grosser is the founder and managing director of Zacht Studios. Based in Amsterdam, he wanted to blend his coveted knowledge of VC priorities and design to build best-in-class services in the medium of presentations, now known as Zacht Studios.

Tiffany Hardin

Tiffany Hardin is the founder of boutique consultancy, Gild Creative Group (GCG), and is an award winning executive marketer. GCG brings conscious marketing to big ideas. Tiffany spends her time focused on serving clients who are innovating and elevating the well-being of culture through strategy, influencer marketing, and partnerships.

Halli Herzog

Halli Herzog is the creative business brain behind Herland Brand. With many years of partnering with small businesses and entrepreneurs, her goal is to help brands feel like a breath of fresh air, bringing ease and peace of mind.

Eric Hu

Eric Hu is a multidisciplinary creative director and designer based in New York. Previously he was Global Design Director at Nike and Director of Design at SSENSE. His practice has an international reputation for pairing maximalist image-making with typographic nuance for a variety of clients operating in fashion, music, architecture, and technology.

Megan Magray

Megan Magray is a designer, photographer, and occasional writer based in Brooklyn with a background in sexual and reproductive health and rights. She’s a cofounder and member of Agitprop, a worker cooperative providing design and communications services to the left.

Chelsea Naftelberg

Chelsea Naftelberg is an independent digital marketing strategist and copywriter. She worked at agencies for six years then started Out Loud LLC to do things differently, falling somewhere between a freelance social media consultant and a 360 digital agency.

Joshua Romero

Joshua Romero is a digital creative living and working in New Mexico.  He runs Romshua., an ad agency that builds creative digital experiences. Available for editorial, advertising and personal commissions anywhere.

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