New on Wethos: Create contracts, send for signature, and close business faster

A seamless close-won experience

Freelancers know how important it is to close business fast. The more back and forth you spend discussing proposal terms, making edits to the scope, and toggling between several platforms to finalize the process, the more these extra steps delay your path to getting paid.

With our latest product feature release, all of your efforts to win new projects and manage clients — from scoping to creating and sending contracts to invoicing — can be done with ease and full control.

Send contract terms and collect signatures in one easy workflow

A seamless process is not only a time saver for you, but for your clients. You want to make sure your clients have the best experience possible when partnering with you — and going back and forth to make adjustments to the scope, downloading (and redownloading) several PDFs, and using multiple tools to accept proposals and contracts doesn’t exactly spell out ease.  

Our latest feature update reduces any friction for you and your clients by bringing together everything you need for seamless client management onto one platform.

Here’s how our latest feature update is making it easier to close more business:

  • Terms: Your business, your terms. Now you can define your contract terms in even more detail and save them as a template within your account. Plus, with more dedicated space to outline your terms, you can easily edit and update as you go and reduce the back and forth with clients.
  • Progress Update: Gain clear insight as to where the client is in the proposal process. No more wondering whether or not you’ve been ghosted.
  • Sign & Accept: Say goodbye to external signature tools. Request and collect an e-signature for contracts and project proposals with our “sign & accept” button. Your client has the option to download your proposal or simply “sign & accept.”

Save time and scale up

By creating detailed terms, reducing back and forth communication, and eliminating the need for external tools, this product update makes it easy to move from scope to signed contract in one smooth flow — giving you more time to close new business, send invoices, and get paid faster.

Start scoping and sending proposals to check out the update, or sign up for your free account to get started.

Ready to close more business?