Independent nonprofit consultant? Use this grant consulting scope of work template

The world of nonprofit fundraising is made easier by independents who offer grant consulting.

If you’re a nonprofit fundraising manager who offers grant consulting, here’s our breakdown of a Grant Consulting scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

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Grant Consulting scope of work total: $5,200

Phase 1: Discovery for $3,300

Are you charging for kickoff calls? Meetings and calls are commonly overlooked services you can charge for, yet they’re essential to every type of project. And as a consultant, your time and expertise are valuable.

This scope of work template includes a series of kickoff calls with the client to review background materials, your process, and anything else pertinent to the project. It’ll also include another meeting to gather critical information about the nonprofit organization including its mission statement, programs, and funding needs. 

To wrap up this phase, you’ll use your initial findings about the nonprofit and its funding needs to start researching grant opportunities that may be a good fit.

Phase 2: Implementation for $1,200

Out of all of the service-based deliverables that independents can provide, consulting work can feel especially tricky to price. How do you put a price tag on expertise? 

Well, here’s our answer: value-based pricing

And in the case of this grant consulting scope of work template, that means communicating the value of evaluating and reviewing your client’s grant application using your nonprofit fundraising insights and tips.

Phase 3: Delivery for $700

The final phase of any good scope of work is to wrap up the project by delivering final materials, findings, reports, or workshops. 

The point of this is to tie up any loose ends, make sure you met every part of the scope, and set your client up for success — which will all make a lasting impression. 

Scope Smarter, Not Harder is a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library.

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