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Our breakdown of a OOH advertising campaign scope of work template worth over $17K

From billboards to subway station ads, out-of-home (OOH) advertising is around every corner — and it’s here to stay. If you’re the creative mind behind these outdoor ads, here’s how to create an OOH advertising campaign scope of work that reflects the value and work behind these impactful assets.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re highlighting our OOH Advertising Campaign scope of work template!

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Here’s our breakdown for a OOH Advertising Campaign scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

Please note that our pricing recommendations are powered by tens of thousands of data points, all from real studios on our platform. If you have feedback on the pricing below, please let us know! We always want our system to become smarter with your help.

OOH Advertising Campaign scope of work total: $17,700

Phase 1: Brand Research for $8,100

Like most projects, your OOH advertising campaign scope of work should kick off with extensive brand research. 

This phase makes up a bulk of the project, so break down each step as a line item and include a detailed description of what it entails. Everything from developing a questionnaire for 5-10 customer interviews to conducting market trend and audience personas research should be part of your brand research. And be clear about what exactly the scope includes. If you list 10 customer interviews as your max and the client requests 12, adjust your scope accordingly before you invoice your client for the work.

Conclude each step with a report of your findings. Our scope of work template recommends pricing each of these at anywhere between $900 to $2,400.

Phase 2: Creative Brainstorming for $2,100

As a growth marketer, your job is to lead the direction and strategy for the OOH advertising campaign. This also means you need a team to lead! If you don’t already have a network of independent creatives to collaborate with, use our platform to build your dream team.

Once you’ve put a team together, you’ll use your research from the previous stage to brainstorm, ideate possible content for the brand’s channels, and align on campaign objectives.

Phase 3: Talent Acquisition & Planning for $3,000

Now it’s time to build out your crew for the production of the campaign. Talent sourcing and casting includes everything from researching to running auditions for the cast. Not sure exactly how to price this type of work? Our scope of work template breaks it down using our value-based pricing recommendations system

This phase also includes developing a campaign budget, scouting a location for the shoot, and creating a shooting schedule.

Phase 4: Production & Execution for $2,100

Lights, camera, action! This phase is all about producing the photoshoot and creating the ads. We recommend conducting one on-site photography session with 1-3 models, as well as post-process photo retouching on 15-20 final images. 

What is an OOH advertising campaign without a billboard? Be sure to create billboards that communicate the campaign’s core message and use the final images.

Phase 5: Performance Analysis for $2,400

Once the campaign has wrapped up, channel your growth marketing expertise one last time to measure the performance of the campaign. 

Our scope of work template recommends creating one report that includes campaign metrics as well as recommendations for the next campaign.

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