Our top 5 branding scope of work templates

Brand strategy is a beautiful, mysterious beast. Use our top branding scope of work templates to streamline your process.

Brand strategy sits at the intersection of business and style. Sometimes you can get tripped up if you’re not careful about everything that should really go into a scope of work. Our users have been making use of these 5 brand strategy scope of work templates. We want to share them with you, too!

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1. Branding ($20,300)

Our top branding scope of work template provides foundational development for clients who are looking to build a brand from the ground up. This scope of work template is a combination of identity, strategy, and execution which makes it a great project for freelance brand strategists and branding consultants alike.

Get the full pricing breakdown of our branding scope of work template here.

2. Brand Awareness Campaign ($35,500)

Every brand strategy scope of work template touches on brand awareness to some degree. Awareness isn’t just “getting the word out there.” It’s a heck of a lot of curation that ensures a brand’s story is told effectively and authentically.

Our brand awareness scope of work template breaks the whole process down into 5 phases, including: branding, email marketing, search engine optimization, public relations, social media. You can pick and choose what phases you’d like to keep or cut out, because we know not every brand awareness campaign looks the same. Plus, don’t forget to charge for any training sessions and discovery services that often go overlooked in scopes! Check out our article on common freelance pricing mistakes to avoid losing money.

Use this template and get the full pricing breakdown in our scope of work templates library!

3. Full Rebrand & Website Redesign ($38,100)

Is your client looking for a fresh new look and feel entirely? It takes a village to raise a brand. This comprehensive full rebrand and website redesign scope of work template will get you on the road to success. 

We know branding isn’t just sparkly visuals, so we’ve included services like “research audience personas,” “establish unique value propositions,” or “audit competitors.” These are all the strategic moves that happen in the background before any visual work can really be done.

Use this template and get the full pricing breakdown in our scope of work templates library!

4. Brand Video Shoot ($48,100)

Once you do get into the visual ideation of a brand, video shoots are not too far away. Are you a creative independent working in production? If you’ve got questions about how much to charge for a video shoot, let us help you out. 

Our brand video shoot template includes the development, pre-production, day of production, and post production phases to help you get clear on everything that goes into this type of project. Will your project take multiple days of production? You can easily duplicate that section to figure out how much you’ll have to charge for two, three, or four days of in-person production.

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5. Brand Identity Scope of Work Template ($14,700)

We’ve all experienced an identity crisis or two. The process isn’t totally different for a brand. Maybe your client has just experienced a growth spurt, or their growth has stalled and they need to figure out who they really are. Establishing a brand identity takes a lot of groundwork, like conducting a brand analysis, analyzing target market opportunities, or running a brand definition workshop.

This branding strategy scope of work template around brand identity puts all the phases and services into a neat package so you can get a bird’s eye view of what will go into this project.

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