Our top case demand statement scope of work template for freelance paralegals

If you’re a freelance paralegal, pricing your services can be tricky when you’re just getting started.

Here’s our breakdown of a Case Demand Statement scope of work template so you know what to charge for your next freelance project!

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Case Demand Statement scope of work total: $4,200

Freelance paralegals are often responsible for preparing legal documents across a variety of cases, from business formation to injuries and accidents. Since you choose which legal practice you want to specialize in, you can also choose which legal services you want to offer on a freelance basis. A reliable freelance service for a paralegal is document preparation such as a case demand statement.

Our top case demand statement scope of work template breaks down the project into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Review for $2,100
  • Phase 2: Costs for $1,500
  • Phase 3: Demand Summary for $600

The first phase of this scope of work focuses on laying the foundation of the project and is where most of the work will take place. You’ll start by reviewing the case file and itemizing all of the written reports involved. You’ll also review the injuries and treatment summary. Once you have an idea of everything involved in the initial reports, you’ll put together a negligence summary. 

For the next phase, you’ll review all associated liens and create a detailed document that summarizes everything. Our scope of work template prices this at $1,500 as it’s a valuable asset to the project. As you grow, it’s essential to communicate the value behind your pricing to clients. 

The final phase is creating the statement of demand — here is where you put your legal expertise to work. This document should highlight the major areas of importance and cause for the demand amount.

A smaller project like this one can be a great starting point for freelancers paralegals who are testing the freelance waters or building their side hustle. But if you want to secure ongoing work in this field, it’s essential to communicate the value of your service, build strong client relationships, and produce strong work.

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