Our top content strategy scope of work worth over $15K

Content strategy is in high demand.

If you’re a freelance content strategist, here’s a breakdown of our content strategy scope of work template so you know how to price your next freelance project!

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Content strategy scope of work template total: $15,600

According to Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing Report, 71% of content marketers agree that content marketing has become more important to their organization in the last year. And yet, only 40% have a documented content strategy

What does this mean for freelance content strategists? There’s ample opportunity to provide your content strategy services to a range of companies needing direction. 

Before we break down our top content strategy scope of work template, let’s go over what exactly a content strategy is so you can better position yourself and your scope to clients.

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is a documented plan that outlines how to use content to achieve your business goals. Depending on the organization and its goals, a content strategy can encompass any combination of visual, written, and audio channels including: 

  • Blog 
  • Email newsletter 
  • Social media 
  • Podcast 

Content strategy requires a deep understanding of the sales funnel and the different buyer personas as content can be used at every stage of the funnel, from engaging your audience to eventually converting them into customers. 

As a freelance content strategist, you’re responsible for developing a plan that uses content as a channel to drive leads, increase brand awareness, and any other goals your client has in mind. You should have a solid understanding of how to target an audience and develop content that speaks to their needs or challenges. 

If you’re considering becoming a freelance content strategist, let’s take a look at our top content strategy scope of work template.

How to put together a content strategy scope of work worth over $15K

Our top content strategy scope of work template from our library of free scope of work templates is priced at over $15,000. This type of project is as substantial as it is valuable — and the price reflects that. 

This particular scope of work outlines five phases for the content strategy project: 

  • Discovery for $3,900
  • Strategy for $6,900
  • Execution for $1,800
  • Handover for $1,200 
  • Ongoing Support for $1,800

To start, you’ll use the Discovery phase to conduct audits. Audits are typically overlooked when freelancers price their services, but they’re invaluable to a project as they help you gain insight into what you’re working with. So charge accordingly. 

Next is the Strategy phase, which is the bread and butter of this project. Using your learnings from the first phase, you’ll use this time to conduct more research and build the essential elements of a content strategy: buyer personas, content pillars, content guidelines, and editorial calendars. You’ll also develop a documented content strategy that covers all of this in more detail. 

A company blog is typically one of the main channels used in a content strategy as it drives traffic and helps with SEO. If this is the case for your project, then the Execution phase will focus on creating long-form and short-form content for the blog. 

Next, you’ll set your client up for future success during the Handoff phase. For this phase, you’ll develop a content playbook that the client can reference as they create their own content going forward. You can also deliver CMS training that goes over everything they need to know when publishing and maintaining content. 

If you prefer to focus solely on strategy, then this is where your project will end. But if you’re a content strategist that also offers content creation services, then this content strategy scope of work template is a great opportunity to secure ongoing client work

The final phase in this template is dedicated to ongoing work. You’ll pick up where you left off in the Execution phase and develop written articles on an ongoing basis — this can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever you and your client agree upon. 

As content marketing continues to be a critical component of many companies’ business goals, a content strategy will remain essential in helping them reach those goals. And freelance content strategists can use this content strategy scope of work template to get in front of those potential clients. 

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