Our top website & social media campaign for product launch scope of work worth over $26K

What do a content strategist, paid social media manager, and CMS developer have in common?

They each play a strategic role in our top website & social media campaign for product launch scope of work template worth over $26K.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re highlighting our Website & Social Media Campaign for Product Launch scope of work template!

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Here’s our breakdown of a Website & Social Media Campaign for Product Launch scope of work so you know how to charge for your next project!

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Website & Social Media Campaign for Product Launch scope of work total: $26,350

Phase 1: Organic Social Media for $7,250

The team’s content strategist will kick off the project by focusing on organic social media for the product launch campaign. 

They’ll start with an audit of the client’s existing social media (a commonly overlooked service) for $1,500. Using that knowledge, they’ll work with the client to set high level goals and objectives for the campaign and put together a short briefing document for $1,500. 

The content strategist is also responsible for developing organic content strategies ($600), building social media content calendars ($800), designing social media assets (five assets for $450), and writing social media captions (five captions for $1,500). Finally, to ensure a successful product launch, they’ll engage the client’s community on social media for one month for $900.

Phase 2: Paid Social Media for $9,700

Next, the paid social media manager will take the lead. For this phase, the manager will start by researching the client’s audience personas using a combination of an online survey and customer interviews ($1,500). They’ll also develop up to 3 advertisement concepts for the client to review ($600) before executing.

Once they have a grasp on the audience personas and concepts, the technical work begins. The paid manager will set up paid media campaigns ($400 per platform), install tracking pixels ($1,200), as well as develop and create 3 ads for Facebook ($300) and 3 ads for Instagram ($900). 

To wrap up this phase, the paid social media manager will track the advertising budget ($900) and manage and optimize the paid media campaigns ($1,500) for one month before putting together a report on campaign performance for $2,400.

Phase 3: Website Implementation for $4,900

With solid social media campaigns in place for the launch, it’s time to get the client’s website ready. 

The CMS developer will start by creating up to 3 website templates ($900) based on the client’s design requirements. Next, they’ll reformat and optimize existing image files ($600), set up website hosting ($900), and implement SSL for $900. 

Once the website assets are optimized and ready, the CMS developer will execute quality assurance tests across the entire website (up to 20 pages) for $700 and wrap up by launching the website for $900.

Phase 4: Advanced Feature Plugins for $2,100

If the project calls for it, the scope of work template leaves room for the CMS developer to implement advanced feature plugins for the client’s website. 

These include payment processing plugins ($300), live chat plugins ($300), and newsletter plugins ($1,500).

Phase 5: Handover for $2,400

Following a successful launch, each of the team members will deliver a training so the client can handle the website and social media once the project wraps up. 

The developer will go over a CMS training for $600, the content strategist will deliver a social media training session for $600, and the paid social media manager will deliver a web analytics training for $1,200.

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