How to use our top P2P fundraising awareness campaign scope of work template

If you work in fundraising and are well-versed in paid social media campaigns, here’s our breakdown of a P2P Fundraising Awareness Campaign scope of work so you know how to charge for your next freelance project!

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P2P Fundraising Awareness Campaign scope of work total: $20,550

Phase 1: Social Asset Planning for $5,850

As a paid social media manager, you know how to increase the reach and engagement of social media campaigns — which is essential for getting fundraiser campaigns in front of donors. 

When proposing this project to a client, emphasize the value of your paid social media campaign expertise and how the social media assets will drive donors to the donation landing pages.

Phase 2: Donor Landing Page for $6,900

An essential component of any P2P fundraising campaign is the donor landing page(s). These pages get shared far and wide and act as the hub for donations. While the social media assets will help drive traffic to the donor pages, the pages have to be designed well enough to convert the traffic to donations. 

A lot of expertise goes into the design and execution of donor landing pages, from platform configuration to user journeys, which makes this a valuable deliverable to offer. When putting together your P2P fundraising awareness campaign scope of work and proposal, don’t forget to communicate the value of this deliverable to your client.

Phase 3: Monthly Engagement for $3,900 (ongoing)

The key to turning a one-off project into ongoing work? Proposing a monthly retainer that the client will benefit from.

In the case of this P2P fundraising campaign, you can propose ongoing paid social media engagement for as long as the fundraising campaign goes on. 

Providing continuing engagement, optimization, and reporting around the paid social media campaigns helps maintain momentum for the fundraiser, which ultimately drives more donations. 

Take into account how many social media assets the client will need on a monthly basis. From there, you can adjust your scope of work to include a monthly retainer using this scope of work template in Wethos. 

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