Reading list: Know your freelance healthcare options

We did the Googling so you don’t have to!

We’re thrilled to partner with so many great companies and organizations working to bring tools and resources to independents. In addition to the perks and benefits that we’ve lined up across healthcare, legal, and financial services, we’re sharing helpful blog content in collaboration with our partners to help you run your studio as smoothly as possible. 

In this installment, we’ve gathered resources around healthcare options for freelancers to spotlight our partner Sesame, a direct-to-patient care company providing affordable and accessible telehealth options for independents. Wethos users receive 15% off healthcare visits with Sesame — sign up or sign in to redeem!

What are the healthcare options for independents?

To start, most states have their own healthcare marketplace that’s accessible to anyone looking for healthcare. These platforms will take your information and calculate estimates based on your household size and income. Find your state’s marketplace here. 

However, navigating those sites can get hairy — let’s face it, the user interface could be better.

To make sense of everything, here are some of the most useful resources we found on the internet around finding healthcare options as a freelancer:

Lastly, our partner, Sesame, offers direct-to-patient care that’s meant to be accessible and affordable. Learn more about Sesame and redeem your 15% discount on healthcare visits by signing in or signing up for Wethos!

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