Reading list: LLC or S corp?

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LLC or S Corp? An age-old question.

So many independents eventually have to ask themselves this question. It’s often the first step to taking your freelance gigging to the next level. The leap to start an LLC or an S Corp protects you legally and financially in the long term, especially if you expect to be working independently full-time and growing your business over the next few years. If you’re working as a sole proprietor (basically anyone who’s not an LLC or S Corp), you’re not legally protected and you might be losing money if you make more than a few thousand dollars annually.

What’s the difference between an LLC and an S Corp?

Simply put, an LLC (limited liability company) is a business designation that can shield owners from litigation, but you’ll still file taxes as part of your personal return. 

An S (subchapter) corporation is a tax classification. If you make over $100,000, it’s likely you could save about $5,000 with an S Corp classification. It also provides owners with protection from litigation in addition to tax passes through the company to the owner — meaning they can avoid self-employment tax.

An LLC may apply for S Corp classification, but it’s best to do that earlier on in your business journey, which is why the “LLC or S Corp” conundrum often bubbles up.

Looking to dive in deeper? We rounded up the best explainer articles so you can take a deep dive before you decide.

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