Scope smarter, not harder: Brand strategy scope of work template

Branding isn’t just color palettes and logos. Find a brand strategy scope of work template that finally speaks to the work that goes beyond the visual.

Welcome to Scope Smarter, Not Harder, a series from Wethos highlighting our services and scope of work templates from the Wethos Services Library. In this installment, we’re spotlighting our brand strategy scope of work template. Wethos users have access to over 60 scope of work templates and 700 services. Ranging from branding strategy to social media and design, our scope of work tools streamline your proposal process so you can skip the freelance pricing mistakes and get to work.

A clearly defined scope of work can make all the difference once you’re in the thick of running a project.

Branding is often misconstrued as only logo work or visual design, but we know a lot of research and planning goes into effective brand strategy. Our Brand Strategy Scope of Work template breaks the entire process down into four phases totaling $20,100:

  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Hand-off

Each phase has its own set of services that will be performed by either you or your collaborators. Easily invite them onto the project to divvy up the work! Let’s jump into the project breakdown.

Phase 1: Discovery ($5,400)

This is where it all begins. Discovery isn’t easily defined, but we’ve got peer-sourced data coming in from our 4,000 users to help us shape each phase of a template. For the Discovery phase, clients can expect to be billed for audits, interview guides, listening tours, and any other research that has to happen before the strategy work even begins.

Phase 2: Strategy ($6,600)

This is where it gets fun. Time to roll up the sleeves and get to building audience personas, establishing value propositions, developing tone of voice, assembling mood boards, and so much more. This phase is all about soul-searching. The brand is going to get its big light-bulb moment in this phase, so don’t sell yourself short for all the work you’ll do to get them there! This brand strategy scope of work template works on a project-basis because when you charge hourly, you’re not going to charge for the time you spend thinking about a client’s strategy in the shower. If you’re thinking about mood boards instead of counting sheep before you doze off, that’s time and energy you should be charging for!

man in black long sleeve shirt standing beside woman in red and white plaid dress shirt

Phase 3: Execution ($6,600)

Once you’re here, maybe you’ll need a few helping hands if you’re a director-level strategist. From sourcing images to designing typefaces and presentation templates, the services in this phase are all about bringing the dream to life. Make sure you’re also charging for services you might tend to overlook.

Phase 4: Hand-off ($1,500)

Et voila! It’s time to send the client off with all the new materials and knowledge you’ve bestowed upon them. Any and all guides, wrap-up calls, or walkthroughs would be included in this phase.

Last but not least, invoice your client for that sweet, sweet money. Your Wethos Virtual Studio lets you invoice clients directly through our platform to keep a singular through-line to the whole process.

So the next time you’re sitting down to build a scope on Wethos, make sure you’re saving time (and money!) with our snappy templates. Do you have a go-to template that you use on your own? We’d love to add it to our library — and compensate you!

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